Friday, December 5, 2008

To the girl in Lagrange with the Loud Music...

Thanks for graciously accepting my first Just A Gentle Reminder Card. You are the first person to be part of a social experiment on the effect of good manners on society. I hope you have a great weekend!

As I ventured out in the guise of Ms. Manners, I actually started to become her. I put my cart back in the cart holder at Home Depot and Costco. I was friendly to all of the store employees. Their faces lit up when I said hello. I realized that I don't often say hello unless I am approached first...It was interesting.

Being all dooded up really makes a difference in how people treat you. You feel better and therefore act more confident and in my case friendlier and people respond to that. It makes me think that it would be an interesting piece to put yourself in the same situation over and over, dressed and acting differently and see how people respond...

Anyway, I gave out one card to a girl at a stop light blasting her music. I just handed it to her but realized I should have been polite..."May I give you my card?" This is not something I can be aggressive about. Anything I've read about good manners states that one should avoid confrontation when on can, take the higher road, so to speak. I will only give out the cards when someone is so in breech as to make others around them uncomfortable. I have found that being the person with impeccable (sans the giving out of etiquette cards) manners is very powerful in itself.

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