Wednesday, December 10, 2008

6th Day

Not a good day. Housebound again with a sick child...Did get a phone call from the pediatrician, to inform me that I will not be able to get the flu booster shot for my youngest child. Under age 9 they get 2 shots 4 weeks apart. Apparently they did not hold back doses for those needing the booster. She also suggested that had I come in earlier in the season, this wouldn't have happened. Normally I would have been critical of this, they gave away the shots with a disregard to the other patients and then put the spin that he probably didn't need it anyway. I normally "shoot the messenger" and anyone in the area when I am annoyed about things like this. But I politely asked the nurse, "Are you making a lot of these phone calls," she replied "yes." I told her I would not give her a hard time.

No cards on day #6.


Anonymous said...

hello ms. manners.

why didn't you shoot the messenger?

Lauren said...

Got an anonymous reader hooked, huh?

Definitely need to continue this project longer, it's pretty nifty.