Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ornament Exchange Party

I went to an ornament exchange party at a neighbors house this evening. Everyone brings a wrapped ornament and as people leave the party they take an ornament home. As I was getting ready to leave with a friend of mine, I saw two women, both of whom I know, systematically going through all the ornaments that were in gift bags and making derogatory comments about the ornaments they did not like (which was all of them). I reprimanded them for their intolerable behavior but they continued to ransack the gifts. They even showed them to me as if they were going to convert me to their way of thinking. One of the hostesses tried to stop them but to no avail.

Nothing would stop them. Interestingly, one ended up taking her own, wrapped gift home and the other took a box that she had not opened.

I was stunned at the complete lack of decorum.

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Lauren said...

Please tell me that last comment was an intentional pun!