Thursday, December 11, 2008

7th Day

I am revamping the way I am doing this piece for several reasons. Out in the burbs I am not finding as nearly as many transgressions as I thought I would. People often do things out of ignorance. I watched while a woman at Kohl's threw garbage into the bag recycling container. I pulled it out and threw it away myself. I am finding that I do not have cards that fit transgressions. A woman in the school pick-up line taking up two spaces.

I have found once again, that my actions are very powerful. I was in Hobby Lobby when a man broke a lamp while carry a Christmas tree. He stood there looking lost. I went over and said, "Lets move all of these pieces to the side." He responded "OK, and then I walk away?" I said, "No, you need to let the store know that it is broken." He said, "OK." and went and got a store employee.

Because I don't always have cards that fit the breech, I am creating new cards that look like this:

I am creating new cards.

Just a Gentle Reminder...
Etiquette Cards

on one side and this quote on the other:

Why Etiquette Matters
(Emily Post’s Etiquette, p. 6)

Grounded as it is in timeless principles, etiquette enables us to face whatever the future may bring with strength of character and integrity. This ever-adaptive code of behavior also allow us to be flexible enough to respect those whose beliefs and traditions differ from our own. Civility and courtesy (in essence, the outward expressions of human decency) are the proverbial glue that holds society together—qualities that are more important than ever in today’s complex and changing world.

I can write the person's transgressions on the front side. I feel these cards are a little more positive and informative and allow for more flexibility.

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Lauren said...

Perfect, and less "teacher scolding"-ish.