Thursday, December 11, 2008

8th Day-Thanks to the lady on the train...

for being a gracious recipient of my card. She was having a long but not to loud conversation on her cell phone. I nicely handed her back a card. She got off the phone right away. I felt badly. I turned back and told her it was an experiment. She didn't think she was speaking loudly. It wasn't that so much but it was long. One of the cell phone never-evers is to keep cell phone conversations on public transportation to a minimum.

There was a close call on the train ride home...but the guy ended his call as I was about to give him the card.

While I was not giving out cards, I offered to help a woman get her suitcase on the train, picked up coffee for my art history professor, said hello to all the traffic control workers, and gave money to two homeless people (I dropped my glove and one lady called me back to let me know I lost my glove) and one charity. I let the people off the train before me, allowed my babysitter to go home early, let a clerk in a shop know that I had broken an item and was friendly to everyone I encountered today.

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