Monday, December 22, 2008

Grocery Store Do’s & Don’ts
(Emily Post’s Etiquette, p. 31-32)
1. Follow express lane rules
2. New check-out lane, don’t dash to front
3. Return item to proper place
4. Bag your own stuff, if there is no bagger
5. Make your items accessible to cashier
6. Use Dividers
7. If you break an item let employee know
8. Treat your cashier respectfully
9. Take special care with large carts
10. Don’t block traffic in aisles
11. Don’t dash back for more items while in the checkout line.
12. Don’t push the items of other customers
13. Don’t put your $ on the conveyor belt
14. Don’t overuse cell phone in store
15. Don’t leave cart in parking space

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